Equipment Appraisal Types

What Are Our Equipment Appraisal Options?

appraisal types - field appraisal

Field Appraisal - Onsite Data Collection

The most common type, Field Equipment Appraisal is when we visit your workshop and jobsites and inspect the machinery in person.

We take photos, collect specifications, and gather information directly from the business owner or shop manager/foreperson.

Field-based Appraisals are the gold standard for documenting your equipment specs and estimated valuations.

appraisal types - desktop appraisal

Desktop Appraisal - Remote Data Collection

In a Desktop Equipment Appraisal we collect information from you without an onsite visit or inspection from us.

You provide photos, specs, and any relevant information about the equipment for your appraisal report.

Desktop appraisals are normally less detailed but have the key benefits of lower cost and faster completion.